dustytyler: your blog is awesome. i had to follow! you have great music taste! this is kind of a stretch, but i was wondering if you could watch my cover of afterlife for the a7x contest? every view counts, so if you like it, please share! the link is a7x(.)yoov(.)io/channels/Justin+Tyler+Fagnoni (take out the parenthesis) if you don't have the time, no worries. thanks anyways.

Absolutely loved your cover. Especially when the strings came in at 3mins 3 seconds, you were shredding hard. Good luck and thanks for following :)

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Abraham Lincoln riding a bear. WHAT IS LIFE.
Napoleon, gettin’ his Twerk on!
Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball music videoWithin the last fortnight, or so, Miley Cyrus has been straight-up controversial. I remember her Hannah Montana days as a pre-pubescent and I’m not sure she does. Why on earth would a 20ish year old woman want to TWERK (absolutely never want to hear the term again) on a late middle-aged man, in front of the world’s media at an awards ceremony? I put it down to the lack of money she has. She just needs more attention. Obviously not, silly individual.But that wasn’t all it was; after trying to justify her stunt at the VMA awards- where she wore her see-through underwear- she released the video for Wrecking Ball and it is ridonculous.Miley, if you ever stop twerking, why on earth are you licking a sledge hammer? You’re meant to be destroying stuff….. awks.WHAT IS LIFE.

You’re never more than six feet away from an horrible twerking accident

Miley, are you like listening?!
Dear God, the only thing I ask of youIs to hold her when I’m not aroundWhen I’m much too far away
Everyday situations.
Such chemistry. Love this.
Baxter, the best onscreen dog performance
Well, OK then.
Love his suit!
Direct and appropriate!
Potential best moment of the movie.